Eliminate Your Ransomware attack with a click of a button!

Layering cyber security with Rapid Ransomware Recovery is your best defense against cyber attacks. We can recover encrypted data from any known or unknown ransomware attack.

of global organizations were victims of a Ransomware attack in 2021
of businesses have cyber security plan in place
of businesses suffered Cyber attack attempts in 2021
were lost in Cyber attacks since 2016

Recover Quickly from Any Ransomware Attack

No other security software can detect or block all ransomware attacks. Anyway, the ransomware gets into your network, we ensure that you get your data back instantly. We can recover from cyber attack threats that no one can detect.

Mirror Shielding

When Rapid Ransomware Recovery Data is installed it adds a barrier (similar to a pane of glass over a whiteboard) to your protected files preventing them from direct changes. When an application tries to modify a protected file, it gets redirected and the file modification is stored on an overlay, keeping the original file intact.


Reverting is useful in cybersecurity by allowing you to reverse undesired changes that ransomware or other malware does. You can simply revert changes, which will delete the encrypted data, allowing you to access your original, unencrypted files again.


It is significantly faster to delete a file than to copy or restore a file, which is what a backup does. Because of this Rapid Ransomware Recovery can recover data almost instantly, no matter how much data is being protected.

Protect Your Data From Ransomware and Cyber Security Threats

Our software protects all your devices and personal information from threats, so you can work & play without a second thought.

  • Restores Operating System
  • Protects Network Shares
  • Virtually No Performance Impact
  • Instant Data Recovery
  • Rolls Files Back to Previous Versions
  • View Previous Versions of a File
  • Removes Unknown Malware
  • DIsk and Boot Protection
  • Recovers Lost Of corrupted data
  • Offline Data Recovery
  • Offline Version History
  • Removes Faulty Patches or Incorrect System Settings
protect your data